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Jasa Desain Undangan Pernikahan

Wedding Invitation

Almost all of my invitation design made in square size (CD's Cover size) or in A5 size. It's decided base from some experiences that almost all invitation card are soon goes to garbage after it delivered. 

So I decided to make the size smaller and use cheaper paper. So the consequences are the design must be more chatchy than usual. This is my invitation design I have made for my Wedding on 2013. It just use art paper on CD's cover size (210 cm x 210 cm so the price become so cheap. Only Rp 1000/pcs that time. 

But of course the decisions are back to customer. Everyone have their own tastes. As designer, I just try to giving better suggestion on global effort to reduce carbon emission (from paper use of course).

And here some samples I have been made. Some of them are using free licensed vector from microstock webs.

Green Minimalist (Front Cover -right- and Back Side -left-)

Green Minimalist (Inside)

Love Pattern (Front Cover -right- and Back Side -left-)

Love Pattern (Inside)

Modern Vintage
Vintage Flower Wreath (Front Cover -right- and Back Side -left-)

Vintage Flower Wreath (inside)

Pinky Peach Ornament (Front Cover -right- and Back Side -left-)

Pinky Peach Ornament (Inside)

Flower Wreath -2- (Front Cover -right- and Back Side -left-)

Flower Wreath -2- (inside)


In order to giving better service, You can ask from some revisions if my first design did not satisfied You. Of course the revisions are limited for 2-3 times. Or You can ask more revisions of course by more tips, hehe ;) 



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